Tool Tech: The Jig Saw

6 Feb 2015
Check out HG Caribbean's Nickolai as he shows you how to safely use the Jig Saw; a versatile, maneuverable and DIY friendly tool. The Jig Saw has amazing features and can be used to cut a number of different materials.

Jigsaws are versatile, maneuverable and let’s not forget DIY friendly. These power tools can make straight and curved cuts in a matter of seconds. Similar to bandsaws, jigsaws make saw cuts square to the face of the work piece, which makes them useful for cutting incisions on the edges of surfaces. Jigsaws are also perfect for starting holes in the middle of a surface, so they are often used to cut out countertops for sinks. The blades on Jig Saws can also be changed to suit the type of material that it is required to cut.

Jigsaws have safety features that protect the operator when in use; like the metal guide that protects the operator's fingers, and the dust guide that stops dust from getting into the face of the operator. The speed is variable which is also another amazing feature, as it enables you to cut different materials, for example; if you are cutting metal you should use a slower speed and if you are cutting wood you should use a higher speed.

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