About Bathtubs

26 Sep 2014
Is your bathroom boring? Do you think it needs an upgrade? Do you also think that upgrading will be expensive and time-consuming? Well it doesn't have to be, upgrading a bathroom can be as simple as adding a bathtub.
bathtub in bathroom

If you walk into your bathroom and suddenly everything just feels dull and grey, then it’s time for an upgrade. Now don’t panic, you don’t have to dip into your vacation savings to do this, upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. By simply adding a bathtub you can give your boring, bland bathroom a new fresh feel. Now, this is only applicable if you have some extra space in your bathroom that can accommodate a bathtub. You can have your bathtub custom made or you can choose from the wide array of bathtubs that are available. Make sure that whichever bathtub you choose it blends nicely with your overall theme. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Alcove Bathtub

These bathtubs are what many people refer to as the “standard bathtub”. They are typically rectangular in shape and are to be installed in a corner leaving only one side of the tub accessible. The depth of these bathtubs may vary depending on what company manufactured it.  

Soaking Bathtub

These tubs are deeper and shorter than standard bathtubs. Their built allows you to easily soak your entire body when they are filled with water. These bathtubs can be placed in the center of a bathroom or asymmetrically placed in the room, but they should never be placed in a corner as they are usually circular or oval in shape.

Drop-in Bathtub

Drop-in bathtubs are quite versatile as they are basically just tub shells which allow you to design whatever you would like around them. These bathtubs will appeal to you if you like creating unique styles in your home. 

Air-Jet Bathtub

These bathtubs are essentially therapeutic. What they do is basically recirculate water, air or a combination of the two to create an effect known as hydromassage. Hydromassage increases blood flow, relieves pressure on joints and muscles and relieves tension. So if you need some therapy at the end of a long stressful day you should consider the Air-Jet bathtub.