50 Shades of The Bookworm

19 May 2015
One of life's greatest activities is reading. Not only can you learn a lot by reading, books can take you to far away places that you have never dreamed of. On top of that, enjoying a book can be a pleasurable and memorable experience. Add to this a warm bath....and you can have a little piece of heaven.

What’s Needed:

  • Bathtub or Jacuzzi
  • Rheem Tank Water Heater
  • Candles
  • Bath Salts and Bath Oils
  • Bubble Bath
  • Rose Petals
  • Champagne or Wine
  • Music
  • A good book or your choice of reading material

One of life's greatest activities is reading. Not only can you learn a lot by reading, books can take you to far away places that you have never dreamed of. On top of that, enjoying a book can be a pleasurable and memorable experience. The day-to-day stresses of life sometimes intrude in those quiet moments and many persons can only relax with a good book or compelling article to read. So why not combine a relaxing warm bubble bath with your favourite reading material and enjoy those moments when there’s nothing else to occupy your attention — and taking a bath is one of those moments. 

The following steps should be taken to ensure that bathtime with a good book is as therapeutically relaxing as can be....

Warm Water
Hot Water coming out of taps.jpg

Like all good baths you must start with warm water. The water serves as the base for everything else that comes afterwards. You should have a properly functioning Water Heater. Rheem is one good brand, which offers the best in water heating systems. Rheem’s Electric Water Heaters are the hottest on the market right now, no pun intended. The Electric Tank-type Water Heaters, will ensure that you are supplied with the hot water you need, to get your bath started right. Rheem’s Electric Water Heaters are affordable and durable. They also have an EverKleen function, which makes them self-cleaning and able to fight harmful sediment and calcium build-up. They also come in many different sizes; some even so small that they can fit in a closet, talk about your space saver. So, for a reliable supply of warm water, that will make your bath that much better, try a Rheem Electric Tank-type Water Heater

Add Candles
stock candles temp

Candles aren’t only needed for when T&TEC falls short; they actually work quite well to build a relaxing ambience. You should place lit candles in holders around your tub, if the surface is wide and flat enough. If it isn’t flat enough to accommodate the candles, find other flat surfaces in the room to place your candles, it will give the same effect. If you have a dimmer switch, your lights should be turned down low. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, then just turn the lights off. This is so that the candle lights are more prominent, and the room is illuminated by the candlelight; beautiful. 

Bubbles, Salts, Aromatherapy Oils, Rose Petals
bathroom accessories

It is important to not overdo it in this area. You should only go for a few items to be added, as too many fragrant oils and salts can be an assault on the senses. Also, the use of too many decorations for example, the overuse of rose petals in the bathtub, can make it really crowded and unattractive. If you choose rose petals (normally used in a bath for two but why not go all out for yourself), sprinkle about a handful on top of the water. This adds an aromatic effect to your bath. Use a bubble bath in the water, a bath without bubbles is like a flat soda. Go for scents like vanilla, lavender or almond. You can use fruity scents like cherry and strawberry also, if you are feeling playful.  The bath salts you use not only relax but also help soften your skin, and will add pleasant smells and colours to your bath.  Add essential oils like jasmine, cedar wood, chamomile and eucalyptus to the bathwater, to bring an aromatherapy factor into your relaxing bath. 

Music, Champagne, Wine, or Maybe a Cup of Tea
Whiskey Bar

The music should be as soothing as the bath itself. You may love Soca but that’s not  always the the best choice for relaxing. Smooth and soft beats are the way to go.  Whatever you choose, it should be something that you enjoy. You should create a playlist, so that you will have a constant flow of music. As a safety precaution, keep the electronic music devices very far away from the bath, so as not to risk electric shock. Your drink of choice, whether it's champagne or wine or scotch or tea should be either placed in a bucket filled with ice in order to chill or in a teapot with a tea cosy keeping it warm. Put it on a tray nearby, along with the glasses. Now that you’ve effectively set the scene for relaxing, go on and pamper yourself! 

This Hot Water Scene was Bought to you by Rheem