How To Prime Gypsum

18 Jun 2014
Priming gypsum board gives better paint results. Get primer tinted at the paint store and prepare gypsum by removing particles before applying primer. Use a paint roller to apply primer, dip and roll over gypsum to cover.
What's needed
Vacuum (optional)
Damp Cloth
Paint Roller
1 1/2-2 minutes per square foot

Priming Gypsum may not seem necessary for a lot of people however, the truth is that to get the most out of your paint job, priming is very necessary. 

Clean your gypsum board
cleaning gypsum preparing for primer

You can use a vacuum with a brush attached to it. Go over your wall until it is clean. You can also use a damp cloth and rub the drywall down to remove particles.

Choose your Primer
choosing the right primer to primer gypsum

Make sure to choose a primer specially made for gypsum to avoid any problems. While you're at the paint store have them tint your primer to a shade that matches the tone of the colour you've selected.

Apply Primer with a Paint Roller
priming gypsum wall in the caribbean

Select an appropriate roller for your job, you can read "Does Size Matter?: Picking the Right Paint Roller Nap", for assistance in that area. Dip your roller into a paint pan filled with the primer. Roll the primer onto the gypsum, filling in any gaps you may notice. Let this coat dry.