Selecting A Countertop For Your Kitchen

4 May 2015
Are you contemplating a kitchen makeover? Have you thought about choosing your Kitchen Countertop as yet? Here are some tips on making the right choice for you.

Are you contemplating a kitchen renovation or just building your new dream kitchen? Have you thought about choosing your Kitchen Countertop as yet? Well, there are a few important questions you should consider; will it be an easy-to-maintain surface or one that is stain-resistant or will it be just for a matter of style?

A Kitchen Countertop is usually installed on as well as supported by cabinets therefore one thing to keep in mind is that the cabinets should be strong enough to support the countertop, especially those made of stone. 

You may wish to choose a Countertop made of Stone which consist of materials like Granite, Marble, Quartz and Soapstone or you can opt for one with made of Concrete, Laminate or Butcher Block or yet another made with a Tile  finish.  Here are some tips on the various materials so you can make the choice which best suits you.


Granite comes in various colours and can withstand water, heat, knife nicks, splashes and general wear and tear because it’s made of  natural stone. It is porous and in rare cases can stain.  It is therefore very important that the granite be sealed on installation and resealed every 10 years.  


Marble on the other hand is one of the most glamorous of kitchen countertops and one which Bakers find perfect for kneading their dough on. It is made of soft natural stone and therefore it can stain easily and needs to be sealed periodically.


There is also a choice of Quartz an imitation of granite or marble and this is man-made with a mixture of natural stone and a clear liquid plastic product known as polymer resin.  It is durable, easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. However, because it’s man-made, each slab is identical as compared to natural stone which has many dramatic variations.


Soapstone is a natural stone composed mainly of mineral talc hence the smooth feeling of soap.  The slab colours are typically medium gray but over time darkens to a deep charcoal.  It is not affected by heat or the acids from tomatoes and lemon juice. 


In Choosing a Concrete Countertop, while not as stylish as stone, it is one that is durable and heat-resistant but extremely heavy therefore, the cabinets on which it sits must be strong enough to withstand its weight and it must be sealed regularly to avoid stains and moisture.


A popular choice is a Tiled Countertop because it’s reasonably priced and available in numerous colours, sizes and patterns.  Maintenance and cleaning are easy and the surface is heat and stain resistant.


Laminate on the other hand is made of high-quality printed paper allowing it to be inexpensive and easily available. Cleaning is simple and while being stain resistant it can melt or be scorched if something very hot is placed on it.  Repairs are difficult because a true match is always a challenge.

Butcher's Block
butchers block

There are those tops made of Butcher Block, which is a type of Assembled Wood, and this adds instant warmth to any kitchen design and is also available in different colours.  Traditionally, it is used as a cutting surface but can be scratched easily with knives and the surface swells with moisture causing a build-up of bacteria. 


Balance Budget and Functionality

Now Granite, Marble and Quartz are more expensive than the other surfaces so your budget would have to be a key deciding factor for you. You can get quotes based on the dimensions of the countertops and now that you have some information on countertops generally, it’s time to go shopping to redo your dream kitchen, the place where you will enjoy preparing those sumptuous meals for your family.