Preparing Your Home for the Rainy Weather

27 May 2015
Here are some important tips on preparing your home and surroundings for the rainy season
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The Rainy Season is approaching and depending on the area where you reside, you may be subject to heavy rains and floods that can potentially damage or ruin your home. Here are some tips and to-do items to prepare your home for the rainy season in order to keep your family high and dry, and save yourself the costly repairs from water damage.

Get Your Roof Checked
rusted galvanize roof that needs replacing

Get your roof ready for the rains. You should inspect your roof from time to time to ensure you catch issues early and not end up having costly repairs for extensive problems. Some of what you should look for are:

  • Inspect the downward sloping part of your roof for holes, cracked tiles or rust on a metal roof.
  • Ensure that any sheet metal is not rusted.
  • Check that you do not have any roof tiles missing


Check Your Ceilings and Walls
Water Stain Ceiling

Check your ceilings inside of your home for any signs of leaks. Look for mould, water discolouration, water rings, cracks etc on your ceilings and walls. Repair any problems identified.

Clean Gutters
Gutter Drainpipe

Be sure to clean your gutters of dried leaves and and other debris built up during the dry season. Also ensure that your gutter downpipes are not clogged.

Check Doors and Windows

Check your doors and windows to ensure that they are properly sealed and can close properly.

Clean up your Surroundings
Dried Leaves

Clean up perimeter drains and yard. Remove debris including dried and broken branches and leaves from drains, drainage points and runoff points. Also trim dry and dead branches off big trees so that they do not break during rains.

Consider Sandbags

If your area is prone to flooding, you should consider the use of sandbags around the low areas of your home

Move things off the Floor
Concrete Blocks

Another action to consider if your area is prone to flooding would be to move furniture and other items to higher floors or elevate items using concrete blocks or pieces of wood.