Stone Types

3 Dec 2014
Stone has an immense number of appealing attributes from classic to contemporary, it’s the leading choice for many applications in today’s design industry. Here’s a list of stone types and their characteristics.
marble stone close up

With its cream and white base the mineral veining on this metamorphic rock creates a variety of contrast and interring patterns. Marble can be used on floors, walls and worktops. It is available in polished, tumbled and matte/honed finishes. Each species varies in stain resistance and levels of maintenance. 

granite stone close up

Popular for its durability and wide range of colours, Granite is a leading choice for worktops. It can be polished or honed to a matte finish.

limestone tile close up

A very popular choice for floors limestone is available in various colours ranging from golds, greys and greens. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is created when tiny particles of the minerals and shells settle to the bottoms of the ocean and are then compressed over the years. Some species even have fossil markings, which makes for a very interesting stone choice.

travertine close up

A species of the limestone family, travertine is popular for floor and wall applications. Travertine has concentric patterns and mottled like textures as a result of deposits from the hot mineral springs. Colour matched resin or grout is sometimes used as a filler to create a smoother finish.For a more rustic feel it can be tumbled for a more organic look.

slate close up

Like Marble, Slate is also a metamorphic rock that is incredibly durable. Typically used on flooring both indoors and outdoors slate can also be used for worktops, as some species are less porous than other natural stone materials. Slate ranges in colour from grey, green, red and even black.

Engineered Stone

 Engineered stone often called Quartz is a man made material created by using a composite crushed stone bound by a resin then cast into slabs for worktops.  Quartz is the leading choice for worktops with its outstanding durability and consistent colour choices.