Laminate Flooring: A DIYer's Dream

12 Jun 2014
Considering upgrading your floor finish? Then easy to install and maintain laminate flooring might be the answer. Its relatively cheap and very durable. See how its done.

In most rooms and indoor spaces you have fixed elements. Usually these are your walls floors and ceilings. Changes to these elements are very impactful on the entire space. 

Laminate Floors

When it comes to floor finishes, laminate flooring has gained recent popularity because it is easy to install and maintain value when compared to traditional wooden floors. Moreover it tends to be less expensive without compromising durability and look. Laminate floors come in pre-cut groove and tongue planks that interlock when installed. Usually placed over an underlay of materials that provides moisture protection and sound damping.

Installation Is Easy !!

As long as you're starting off with a clean and levelled floor you will have no challenge with  laminate floor installation. It's groove and tongue planks lock in place with very little effort.  It is typical to start at the one end of your room, often against the longest wall and moving towards your doorway. As you add planks it is recommended to leave an offset of 6 to 8 inches. This adds to the look, and will ensure that ends do not line up row to row, thus creating a tightened interlock pattern.

Care and Repair !!

Although laminate flooring has a finish that is very similar to wood, it isn't the same as wood. Most often it is made of a composite fiber board with a coloured applique surface covered with a resin based protected seal. While the sealer's top coat provides basic water resistance it is important to not let water sit too long on your laminate floor at the risk of it seeping into the joints causing swelling and other imperfections. Keep your laminate floor cleaned with a regular sweeping and vacuum use. Keep excess dirt off the floor to reduce the risk of scratching. Use brooms with soft bristles or damp mops and mild cleaning products.


To find out how to lay laminate flooring read "Installing Laminate Floors".