Installing Laminate Floors

12 Jun 2014
Here’s a thorough step by step to installing laminate flooring. Installing laminate flooring is quite easy and really is a perfect DIY project. Read on for the steps from floor levelling to achieving the finished look.
What's needed
Soft Face Hammer
Utility Knife
Tape Measure
Cross Cut Saw
Pull Bar

Before you can start laying your laminate flooring you have to clean the floor's surface, ensure that the entire floor area is levelled. Then place and secure underlay materials.

Your 1st Row

Starting your first row of laminate from the left and against the longest. The groove side of the plank MUST be placed closest to the wall. Ensuring that you use spacers to create an expansion gap against the wall. Remember the gap you create has to be covered with your wall moulding or skirting.

Add Rows

Add each new row locking groove into the tongue side of the already laid existing plank. Use a soft face hammer and laminate tap block. You can make tap block with a waste cut end of laminate plank.

Continue Rows

Continue to install rows moving from the left to right of the room as you move towards the room's entrance. Ensure to tap each plank tightly in place as you go. Cut planks with an offset of no less than 6 to 8 inches so that it adds to the end look and creates a firmly interlocked floor.

Add Threshold Strip

For doorways and where your laminate floors meet carpet or other floor types you will need to install a threshold. A threshold strip is a piece of shaped wood that is placed in the doorway to connect through different materials, in this case laminate flooring.

Wall Moulding

Add moulding against the wall covering and the expansion gaps to complete the finished look.


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