Surface Mounted Wiring: Why it is not awful.

16 Jun 2014
Surface mounted wiring is not loved by many because it’s considered unsightly and has some limitations. However, it has its benefits, like allowing easy addition of outlets and switches without having to tear open walls.
adjusting surface mounted wiring to install cameras

Okay, so it's safe to say that most people don't like the look of surface mounted wiring. Right? Surface mounted wiring is most useful in cases where you wish to add an outlet, switch or light easily and quickly but you don't wish to tear open your wall. Most people dislike seeing their wires on their walls, rather than in their walls. Many people think it is unsightly and would rather do without electricity, than have surface mounted wiring. Sure it has its cons, like being somewhat unsightly, not being able to be installed in damp areas like bathrooms or the boxes that house the switches and receptacles that are used to do it being very shallow and more difficult to work, when compared with ordinary boxes. But there are also a number of reasons why surface mounted wiring is overall, not a bad idea.

When your wiring is on the inside of your wall, every time you need to add an outlet, switch or light you will need to break your wall, leading to more construction work to repair the wall after you're finished with the wiring. However, with surface mounted wiring, you simply run the wiring on your wall, without disrupting the main construction of your wall.

What about making a new purchase? We've all bought new appliances, then plan where we want to put them, then come to realize, we don't have a plug there, well surface mounted wiring is an easy solution to this problem. Simply decide where you would like to put that 55" flat screen TV, then wire to suit!

Also, when lighting areas such as your garage, where the walls may be made from concrete blocks or structural concrete, breaking those walls to run your wiring, can not only be incredibly difficult but may damage the structural integrity. Surface mounted wiring is the best and sometimes only choice for installing lights, additional outlets and fans in rooms such as these. 

The con that surface mounted wiring is unsightly does not stand up to the many pros of how surface mounted wiring can make life easier and more versatile. So, if you'd like to escape from the hassle of cut-in circuit boxes and wiring, consider using surface mounted wiring for your next DIY electrical project. 

Surface mounted wiring does have its limitations, for example, you can’t use surface mounted wiring in damp areas like bathrooms. The boxes that house the switches and receptacles tend to be very shallow and more difficult to work with than ordinary boxes.

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