Installing Shock Protection: Electrical Work

13 Jun 2014
To install shock protection, simply install a GFCI plug. It isn’t expensive and the job only takes a few minutes. Shut off electricity before starting work. Installing a GFCI breaker is another way to protect a whole circuit.
gfci plug electrical outlet power caribbean

Even if you have never been shocked, you can imagine that it isn't fun. Shock protection is available for any plug simply by installing a properly rated "ground-fault circuit-interrupter" (GFCI) plug. If a short in the electricity occurs, the internal breaker will shut off the electrical current flow, and once the short is repaired, the device can be easily reactivated by pushing its reset button. 

The plug isn't expensive and the job usually only takes a few minutes with a simple flat head screwdriver. Just be sure to shut off the electricity supply at the electrical panel via the breaker before commencing the work. You can test the plug using a circuit tester before you begin to ensure that the electricity is indeed off and it is safe to work. Electricity always has a potential for danger that not everyone may be comfortable with, so if you're one of those people, then you may want to call in an electrician for this job.

There are other ways to protect "whole circuit" such as installing "ground-fault circuit-interrupter" (GFCI) breaker. The installation of a new breaker does mean opening up the electrical panel, which is a bit harder and potentially dangerous. Opening up your electrical panel is not recommended for persons new to electricity and as such, hiring an electrician is recommended. Don't be a hero!

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