Hole Saws - Using them safely

2 Dec 2014
Follow these tips and with some practise you'll be cutting nice and clean holes safely. Improper use of a hole saw can be dangerous and can cause damage to finished wood and injure the user physically.

Using a hole saw in a powerful drill, even a cordless one can be dangerous to even the most experienced carpenters and joiners. This is because these particular types of bits have a tendency to bind-up and twist the user’s wrists. 

Hole Saw Bits.JPG

After your wrists and hand have been twisted and you’re ready to throw the tool ...you realize that the saw also left a series of teeth marks on your nicely finished wood!

Torque Setting.jpg

Well there is a solution! Use a drill with a "Torque Setting" and simply set the clutch to a low number and gradually work it up higher until the bit is cutting well. The bit suddenly binds up again then the torque control will kick in as seen in the video and your wrists and finished wood will be safe!


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