50 Shades of Steamy

11 May 2015
Do you like hot steamy sensual shower scenes? Well, why not star in your own? Here’s how Rheem Hot Water Heaters can take your hot water shower to another level.
Rheem Steamy Shower

What will you need:

·      Shower

·      Rheem Hot Water Heater

·      Significant Other (*optional)

Most people like showers, especially hot steamy ones. When you get home after a long eight (sometimes twelve) hour workday, the first thing you do is take a shower. Some people claim to prefer cold showers however, I think those people just haven’t experienced the delightful, stress-relieving feeling that a warm shower brings.

A nice warm shower can make you feel renewed, as it provides a natural massage and therapeutic relaxation for the muscles, and I mean all the muscles! To have the warm flowing sensation, cover you from head to toe, makes you feel engulfed in what can only be described as liquid magic. Warm and steamy showers are a fun couple activity. I know I’ve got your attention now.

The type of Water Heater you own, will determine the level of satisfaction you receive from your warm shower. Of course, not all Water Heaters are created equal. If you want a top quality Water Heater, you need a Rheem Tank Water Heater. These Water Heaters are the most economical and high performing water heaters on the market today.

Rheem Tank Water Heaters, which are perfect for homes with busy family members, homes that have luxurious bathrooms (you know those bathrooms with revive fixed showerheads and natural stone tiling) or vacation homes. Rheem Tank Water Heaters are quite popular, as they have the ability to quickly and adequately heat water.

Rheem’s Tank Water Heaters are indeed something to talk about.  They provide a continuous and year-long supply of hot water which is essential. Trust me, if you’re enjoying a hot steamy showering session with your significant other, nothing can kill the mood faster than hot water inconsistency…that is cold water! Rheem water heaters are designed to create a balance of quality, durability and features that can match every lifestyle and budget. So you don’t need to have deep pockets to own a Rheem Water Heater.

The Rheem Water Heaters in Trinidad and Tobago come in Tank-Type. The choice is yours… we recommend that you choose Rheem for all of your hot water needs. Rheem Water Heaters also comes in many sizes to fit just about anywhere. A 20 Gallon Rheem Water Tank is just over 2 feet, which can fit in a small closet space so I know you’re asking yourself, can they get any better? Well it can, Rheem Water Heaters have an everkleen self-cleaning system that fights sediments and calcium buildup on the tank and heater elements via a specially designed system which creates a turbulent flow and reduces the deposits. This produces more hot water faster and reduces energy costs so all you need to focus on is your steamy showers.

So, for better hot and steamy showers,  Rheem Tank Water Heater is the best choice. It will be worth the investment, when you get home and you can unwind with a warm waterfall, not only drenching your body but becoming one with it. 

Home & Garden Caribbean Lifehack:

Hot water showers are a blessing, they appeal to your physical and mental senses, and no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating. However, there are some negatives to hot showers which are too hot. When you turn the heat up on your water heater make sure that you don’t exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There is actually scientific proof that overly hot showers can reduce sperm count in men and cause overheating of the internal organs. So, always keep your water heater temperature at the recommended; 120 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 


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The Trinidad Distributer of Rheem Water Heaters is Electricial Industries Group Limited (EIG)