50 Shades of Heat

3 Jun 2015
Tired, feet throbbing after standing all day or chipping on the road all day, here is some heat therapy for those tired muscles.

What you Need:

  • Bath Tub or Jacuzzi
  • Rheem Hot Water Heater
  • Bath Salts
  • Epsom Salts

As a person who loves a hot bath and often uses it to relax tired muscles and to just de-stress after a tough and tiring day, I believe that there is nothing a hot bath cannot cure.

Pain Science says that covering yourself in hot water — “systemic” heating — can do something for muscles that no hot pack can ever do. As good as a nice hot pack can feel, the effect is a minor, local, neurological effect — warm skin relaxes the muscles underneath it. That’s a nice effect, but it’s limited. A hot bath also has this effect, but it goes much deeper: it can actually increase the temperature of the muscle itself via deep heating. Now this has not been actively researched or studied or proven but we all know how relaxed we feel after a hot bath.

A Hot Success Story!

I personally run a hot bath after J’ouvert and Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Add in some epsom salts to the bath and I wake up with my muscles relaxed and ready for the next day. Not forgetting my feet, they actually feel restored after a epsom salt and hot water soak! While I enjoy every moment of Carnival, I am usually ready to surgically remove my feet just to get rid of the pain and trobbing. Lacking the means or will for such an excision, I hop into my Jacuzzi immediately upon arrival, and apply piping hot jets of water to the sore spots for about 20 minutes. By the next morning, I am fully rejuvenated!

Hot Water
hot water tap

Like all good baths you must start with warm water. The water serves as the base for everything else that comes afterwards. You should have a properly functioning Water Heater. Rheem is one good brand, which offers the best in water heating systems. At first glance persons might be confused as Rheem is also well-known air-conditioning system. But never fear Rheem has applied their advanced technology and engineering to ensure that you have exactly what you need to get your hot water bath right.

If you are concerned about losing space, don’t be, Rheem comes in so many different sizes you can choose the best fit for your home. You should also know that Rheem’s EverKleen function means that you never have to worry about harmful sediment or calcium build-up.

To sum it all up the Rheem Electric Tank-type Water Heater will make certain that you have your own “Hot  Success Story”.

50 Shades Series is brought to you by Rheem
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