50 Shades of Health

1 Jul 2015
Hot showers have many health and wellness benefits. Let Electrical Industries Group Limited supply you with the most economical and high performing water heater on the market today, Rheem hot water heaters.
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The weather here in the Caribbean is so hot, that many times we prefer cold showers as opposed to hot showers. When you take a cold shower in the morning before you have a full day of running around to do, you tend to sweat less throughout the day. However, hot showers have some major benefits as well, health and wellness benefits to be precise.  


If you have stress filled days at work, when you get home you need some relaxation. To get some stress relief stand under a nice soothing steamy shower for at least 10 minutes. Allow the warm water to lightly beat down on your shoulders and neck, where most of your tension and strain is stored. The warm water will feel like a huge heated hug, covering your entire body and relaxing you from head to toe.  A cold shower just can’t compare.  

Cleanses Your Pores

We come into contact with thousands of toxins, dirt particles and irritants on a daily basis. These pollutants get under our skin and bury themselves deep into our pores. When this happens, pores become clogged, which results in acne outbreaks, whiteheads and blackheads.  If you are skin conscious then that news must be extremely  terrifying. However, you can prevent contaminants from affecting your skin by simply taking hot showers at the end of the day. When you take hot showers and your skin is exposed to the heat, this allows the pores to open up and naturally rid the skin of all the impurities. This simple step can make your complexion brighter and give your skin an overall cleaner, clearer look. 

Pain Relief

This health and wellness benefit is for the fitness fanatics. After you workout, occasionally you may suffer from sore muscles. Sore muscles are an indication that your muscles need a chance to repair themselves. Sleeping is one method of repairing sore muscles however, heat application is another method that has proven to be quite effective. Take a hot shower and let the water run on the affected muscles, this will allow them to heal faster. 

Let Rheem Supply you!

The key to having good hot showers is to have a reliable hot water source. Rheem hot water heaters are the best choice for dependable, economically smart, high performing hot water heaters.  Rheem Tank-type Water Heaters are distributed by Electrical Industries Group Limited in Trinidad. So pick up your Rheem hot water heater today, and start experiencing the benefits of hot showers.