Outdoor Grilling: All About the Grills!

29 Jul 2015
If you have an outdoor grill and foods to grill, you have all you need for a great party. Here’s why you should get an outdoor grill and get the party started.
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If you have an outdoor grill, foods to be grilled and great company, you have everything you need to make the best lime ever! Everyone can be included in a grill lime; kids, adults and even pets. At grill get-togethers kids appreciate grilled foods such as hotdogs and burgers, whereas adults may prefer some grilled chicken, kabobs or maybe some steak, if they’re fancy!  Grilling is the most versatile form of cooking, almost every food can be grilled, fruits, vegetables, pizza, cake; it’s all good. Many people find the very smoky quality of grilled foods quite appealing and something about grilling outdoors gives a special thrill. Grilled foods are delicious and tend to be succulent because of the high heat used in grilling, which enables them to retain their juices; yummy, hungry yet? 

Grilled foods aren’t only irresistibly tasty but they have health benefits as well. Grilled foods contain less fat than fried and baked foods because the fat drips off as it cooks. Less fat means lower cholesterol and better overall health. Also, you probably know how good vegetables are for you but did you know that the more you cook your vegetables is the more they lose their nutrients. However, when you grill your veggies they maintain their vitamins and minerals because on grills, they don’t have to be cooked for long periods.

So, at this point you may be convinced enough and want that outdoor grill. One of the main concerns people wanting to purchase an outdoor grill have, is space. But don’t be discouraged, anyone can have an outdoor grilling area, it doesn’t matter what type of space they’re working with, there will be suitable grills. So even if you live in a house with a ton of yard space or you live in an apartment and have a small patio or balcony, you can still get your grill on.

For small spaces electric grills and portable grills are perfect. Electric grills are powered by electricity, hence the name. They are great for people that live in apartments or condos and may be prohibited by building regulations from using gas and charcoal grills. The only bad thing about electric grills is they don’t give that smoky taste to foods. They produce the same visual results (grills marks) however, the taste that most grill seekers desire is not there. Portable grills are also great for small spaces. They run on propane and their great selling point is their ability to be transported from one location to another. The size of these grills can be both a pro and con. It is a pro because you save space but it is a con if you intend on cooking for a large amount of people, then you’ll be grilling all day. Portable grills can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you have a larger space you can go larger of course and get one of those fully loaded super grills. Gas grills are the most popular types of grill for large outdoor areas. These grills can use either propane or natural gas to be powered. Even if you purchase a gas grill that is designed for propane, it can be converted to natural gas quite easily, so you have flexibility. You will get a smoky taste from this type of grill however, it still won’t be as strong as a good old charcoal grill, you’ll only get a hint of smoke. Gas grills tend to be on the pricier side, so that’s a negative for the budget friendly individuals. However, they are made quite beautifully, with outstanding crisp appearances. They have stainless steel bodies, up to 5 burners and some even have a side burner which can be used for heating pots and pans. Their grilling surfaces also come in a variety of materials including porcelain covered steel bars, bent stainless steel sheets, iron grates and stainless steel bars.

Finally to the most desired grill, the grill of all grills, the pied piper of grills, the charcoal grill. These grills like their name suggest uses charcoal briquettes as the fuel for cooking. Now owning a charcoal grill is more expensive (charcoal isn’t cheap) and time-consuming (it takes a while to heat up before you can cook on it, like up to 45 minutes) than any other grill but the taste is priceless. No other grill compares to the charcoal grill, as it offers the ultimate grilling experience.

After you have made a decision about which type of grill best suits you, keeping it clean may be an issue but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your grill clean is very easy, simply take a stiff wire brush and scrub the grilling surface periodically, use a soft wiping cloth and gentle cleaner for the more gentle areas. On the other hand there are grills that come with a self-clean option, so your grill will do it for you!

So basically when choosing a grill simply go for one that best suits your needs, your pocket (budget) and the space available to you. 

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