Outdoor Lighting: Landscaping & Curb Appeal

12 Aug 2014
Exterior lighting serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, meaning that they are not only good for safety and security but they can also enhance the look of your landscaping and your curb appeal.
outdoor landscape showing outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, meaning that it is not only good for safety and security but it can also enhance the look of your home and yard. Exterior lighting can significantly increase your house’s value when and if you decide to sell. Some people complain that landscape lighting can be expensive however, it doesn't have to be, you just have to think it out. Landscape lighting can complement flower beds, bushes, trees and lawns surrounding your home. There are so many choices when you are considering landscape lighting. Here are some of the prominent ones:

Ground/Well Lighting

Use this type of lighting to outline interesting trees, an ornamental statue or a beautiful textured wall in your outdoor space. These types of lighting should be placed under trees or in shrubs to protect them when your lawn is being cut. You would be surprised at how inconsiderate some gardeners can be, and would just cut over them causing them to break.  If you are your own gardener then be very careful around these lights. Also, when having these lights installed make sure your electrician installs it with the gasket. The gasket is a very important piece, as without it, when it rains, the light will fill up with water and be absolutely ruined. Some ground/well lights have been engineered to withstand the corrosive forces of soil and water. You can also choose to use energy efficient LED lambs, low voltage and adjustable in-ground fixtures with your ground/well lighting.   

Path Lighting

Path lighting is basically the light that illuminates your pathway. When a house has path lighting, the people entering immediately assume that the people living there are quite friendly and warm. It guides visitors safely along your outdoor pathways at night. It is not only attractive but it also prevents your guests from tripping and stubbing their toes. Path lighting falls more under the decorative side of landscape lighting, it provides the ideal transition between the landscape and the design of chosen outdoor scones, ceiling lights and postmounts.  

When arranging your path lights arrange them for functionality, to guide people along a walkway from the sidewalk or driveway to your front door. They can also be used to light your dark driveway. Path lights can delineate the borders of any outdoor living spaces. Recently, solar path lights have become increasingly popular. These types give you the opportunity to use the sun to illuminate your pathway or driveway.

Home & Garden Caribbean Lifehack: Be careful of creating outdoor light pollution. Too much light or just poorly installed lighting can create unwanted light pollution that can shine into indoor rooms of your home or even worse, the homes of your neighbours. To avoid light pollution you should, aim lights carefully, shield bulbs by using fixtures, minimize wattage and control light by separating zones where lights are controlled by dimmers, controls, timer, etc. 


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