10 Creative Garden Containers

29 Jun 2015
You’ll be surprised at the items that can be transformed into practical and even attractive garden containers. Here are 10 creative ideas for you to follow.
Wheel Barrow Planter
Don’t be so quick to run out and purchase garden containers. You may already have items around your home that can work just as well as the store bought kinds. Here are ten HG Caribbean options:
1. Wheel Barrow Containers

If you have an old wheel barrow that has long retired from the gardening scene, and is just lying around your yard feeling purposeless, don’t throw it away; instead make it into a garden container. The best part about making this into a garden planter is that it’s on wheels, so it’s very easy to move. You can get your plants out of a bad situation like approaching heavy rains and winds in no time.  It also allows you to change your garden’s point of focus in the blink of an eye. To get started planting in your wheel barrow garden container, line the bottom with some heavy duty plastic. This will prevent the metal from rusting any further, if you have any rust holes already present than pull the plastic through and snip it to allow drainage. Add your soil and plant whatever you like; flowers are particularly beautiful in a wheel barrow garden container.  

2. Paint Can Containers

After you’ve finished a lot of home painting, you will realize that you have a ton of paint cans. Usually you’ll discard them but did you know that you can actually get several garden containers out of these paint cans? Well you can. Simply remove the label, rinse them out carefully, let them dry and let the planning begin! Paint Can planters are so small and cute and can make your garden look just adorable. Be sure to drill holes at the bottom to allow drainage and you can decorate if you’d like. 

3. Tool Box Planters

Good DIYers always have toolboxes. So let’s say that you bought a new toolbox and have no clue what to do with your old one; make it into a garden container! Toolboxes make wonderful garden containers, especially the really large ones that enable you to create a mini-garden inside. Just like wheel barrow planters, toolbox planters are portable so they allow you to switch up your garden presentation if desired. 

4. Colander Planters

Colanders aren’t only good for straining your pasta; you can use them as funky garden planters. All you need is an old or new colander, landscape fabric, potting soil and whatever you wish to plant. Simply cut a circle of the landscape fabric, then place it into the colander, this prevents the potting soil from falling through the colander’s holes. Place your potting soil in, and get to planting. 

5. Toilet Planters

Now this one may seem a little gross however, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You may replace your toilet bowls for different reasons, leaks, appearance etc. Use your old toilet bowls to make beautiful garden containers.  Don’t forget to clean them up first, considering what were their previous uses. 

6. Sink Planters

Sink garden planters are another clever creative way of making garden containers. Sinks tend to come in all types of interesting shapes so sink planters can be quite whimsical. Some sink garden containers, especially the pedestal ones tend to look like garden features, so that’s an added plus. 

7. Tyre Planters

Too many old tyres around your yard? Then give them new purpose in your garden. This type of planting arrangement is very much like having a raised bed garden. So if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of building a raised bed garden and you happen to have some car tyres around or you know someone who might have some, collect them and create a tyre raised bed garden! 

8. Drawer Planters

You can choose to stack a few old dresser drawers atop each other or you can use them singly. It is advised that if your dresser drawers are wood, then you should use a wood stain with UV protection on their outsides before you use them as garden containers. Also, place some landscaping fabric at the base before you add any soil and begin any planting.

9. Kettle Planters

If you have a pretty vintage looking tea kettle that is no longer in use, it can be turned into a garden container. This really makes your garden look like it belongs in the classical period. Plant some beautiful flowers in your kettle garden container. Some buttercups, some ixoras, would really make your garden look dainty. 

10. Shoe Planters

This one we found super interesting and that’s why we saved it for last. Turn an old pair of shoes into what has to be the coolest garden container ever!  Just drill a few holes at the bottom for proper drainage, and plant your herbs and succulents.