Concrete Pavers for Walkways, Driveways and Patios

10 Jul 2014
If you need a fast, yet durable walkway, driveway or patio solution. Why not try concrete pavers? Concrete pavers are an easy to install, low maintenance solution to create walkways, patio areas and driveways. Pavers can be combined with grass, stone or other materials they also come in different colours and styles.
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Building a driveway, walkway or patio using traditional construction techniques can be challenging.  Not because it is significantly technical but because it may involve several tasks that can make the process quite long and messy. Especially if you need to prepare for and pour concrete.  However, you have a choice...

Concrete Pavers

If you're looking for an easy to install solution that offers almost endless possibilities for installation, colour choices and style. Then concrete pavers might be for you. Pavers are very durable and at the same time very low maintenance. There are some that allow grass to grow through. Others can be combined withs other materials for landscaping and provide curb appeal. The ones that are combined with grass are referred to as grass pavers and these are significantly cooler than pure concrete pavers around a house, we here in Trinidad may prefer grass pavers to pure concrete pavers because pure concrete pavers  get extremely hot throughout the day; and well you know the heat we have here.  Overall, concrete pavers are very adaptable. We often see pavers used for driveways, but you can use pavers for walkways and pavers for patios too.

Colour Choices

Pavers come in a variety of colour choices ranging from the natural colour of concrete to near black finishes. Various shades and hues of browns and red are very common, and generally available.


The way you choose to configure your driveway or walkway is limited only by your imagination.  There are several different styles to choose from in both traditional and contemporary styles.  Choose from brick, Interlocking 'I' type, Tri Hex, Uni Decor and Grass Pavers.

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