Meet the HG Caribbean Hosts & Designers

8 Dec 2014
Home & Garden Caribbean gives you a behind the scene look at the people that bring the content to life. A brief look at their lives off camera and a few quirky facts.

Is creativity part of your DNA?  Do you think designers are born with that gene?  Let's take a closer look at the Home & Garden Caribbean team.

Ria Ghent
Ria Ghent

Ria Ghent hails from Port of Spain Trinidad, has been a flight attendant for the last 14 years, is the proud mother of a beautiful 8 year old daughter and of course a real DIYer. When Ria is not building, fixing or redecorating she can be found writing songs to be played or paired with her guitar or enjoying some local cuisine, most likely provision and salt fish, or provision soup or anything with provision really.

Nicholai Salcedo

If Nicholai Salcedo had to be described in one word it would be, creative. Whether he’s on stage bringing to life a character or in the studio coming up with some new tunes, Nicholai is nothing short of innovative, which comes in handy when he’s getting his hands dirty doing his DIY projects.  It’s safe to say he was born to DIY, as he recalls his most memorable DIY project as making lamp shades for his room.

Toni Crockett Design

Toni Crockett Design is a design firm that has been going strong for over 3 years. Located in Port of Spain Trinidad it provides residential and commercial interior design services and is operated by Toni SuratSingh, an Interior Design Consultant with over 10 years of design experience and her loving and supportive husband Rishi SuratSingh. Although the SuratSingh’s are focused on business and getting the best service to their clients, they never forget to make time for family activities, like going out for ice cream, which Toni refuses to eat with a metal spoon…must always be plastic!

Randall Waddell

Who is Randall Waddell? Where should we start… member of the American Society of Interior Designers, approved Interior Designer of the HGTV Professional Designer Network, Owner and Principal Designer at HomeWork Design Studio, writer, volunteer, explorer, animal lover, husband, father, friend; the list goes on and on. In his work, Randall enjoys commercial projects however; his specialty is in residential environments. He has earned a reputation for having an exceptional eye for sophisticated design and a deep commitment to outstanding personal service. His philosophy is, as with creating and learning, “design is all about giving back and it should be FUN!”

Allan C. Darwent

Allan Darwent works at Talma Mill Studios Trinidad and Tobago. Talma Mill Studios deals with Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Development, Tourism and Environmental Planning. Darwent joined the Talma Mill Studios team in 2005 and became a director in 2008. Darwent’s education includes Diploma in Landscape Technology (Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology 2002) and BA. (Hons) Landscape Architecture (Leeds Metropolitan University 2005). A design consultant now, Darwent has previous hands on experience in landscape construction while working with The Angostura Development Co. This mixture of experience enables him to pay keen attention to responsible development. When Allan is not creating beautiful spaces, he loves to travel and experience foreign cultures and it wouldn’t be uncommon to see him having a good time at a carnival fete.

Solange Francis-Moy

Solange Francis-Moy is a wife, a working mother, an animal lover and a DIYer. Hailing from Cascade, Port of Spain, Solange has been in various aspects of the marketing industry including Advertising, Brand Management and Sales for the past 9 years.  She is a proud mother of two kids aged 7 and 5 whom she absolutely adores. Her passion for animals is fulfilled through volunteer work at the zoo and when she's not too busy doing it all, loves taking in a chick flick or two...or the occasional Disney movie