21 Nov 2015
How do you know if the bed your child is sleeping on is the right one for their health and productivity in school? Simple – is it a Bed Boss mattress? If the answer is no; then check out Fens of Marabella and ask about their natural line from the Bed Boss!
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A restful good night sleep for your child depends on a lot of different factors – comfort, stress level, room temperature – but to get it right, you've got to start with the basics, and their mattress is the first building block to their restful slumber. If you're in a Christmas search for a new mattress for your child and have recently taken a stroll down the aisle of most bedding stores, you know that there is a dizzying array from which to choose. How do you know which mattress is best for your child?
Well Fens of Marabella has the answer. They have the perfect sleep option for your children called the Bed Boss Sweet Dreams”, ideal for their sleepyheads.

The Bed Boss is a brand of orthopaedic beds that is toxin free and made with natural and renewable resources that are healthier for you child and the environment. All Bed Boss beds are made from Bamboo, Aloe Vera and Caster Plant Oil, and each bed is also created from memory foam, to ensure the most soothing night’s rest. The revolutionary more breathable memory foam reduces heat retention, ensuring consistent all season comfort during those hot July nights.

A while ago, we explained in our “Show Your Bedding Some Love” article how important it is to spend your money where you spend most of your time; and considering we spend at least a third of our lives asleep or in bed, skimping on a mattress or sleeping surface can be detrimental to your child’s health and ability to function properly in school the next day. The Sweet Dreams mattress by The Bed Boss is the bed that redefines affordable comfort for your children with plush fun fabric, and a matching kid-sized pillow. The Sweet Dream provides fewer night-time disturbances and a more enjoyable rest for both you and them. Now you and your partner can enjoy your entire bed to your leisure. The removable, washable, waterproof cover makes for easy clean up, too, in case accidents happened thorough the night. The optimal balance of support and pressure relief on your little one’s back is also good for productivity and energy to push through their school week and stay focused.

The Bed Boss is confident that they have created the most comfortable sleeping solution available, and Fens of Marabella has in stock. So if you are interested in ordering a Bed Boss mattress to improve your child’s sleep, go down to Fens of Marabella and let them help to serve your future generations to a good night’s rest!


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