Super Foods that aid weight loss

12 Jan 2016
Whether you are trying to get in shape for Carnival or just want to lose those excess pounds. Here is a list of Super foods to aid weight loss and shift belly fat.

Green tea : flushes out excess fluids and boosts metabolism 

 Almonds : high fibre content stops you from feeling hungry

 Sunflower Seeds : loaded with dietary fibre and complex carbs that keep your muscles toned

 Pistachios : high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals

Full fat greek yoghurt : Pro-biotic relieves bloating and discomfort in the stomach

 Virgin olive oil : oleic acid which aids in breaking down excess fat

 Apple cider vinegar : flushes out toxins

 Garlic : allicin kills bacteria and viruses in your body, including the digestive tract

 Leafy Greens : vitamins and minerals that help ease water retention without bloating

 Tomatoes : reverse leptin resistance, the protein which helps to regulate metabolic rate and appetite

 Asparagus : excess fluids removal

 Berries : full of antioxidants and fibre

 Bananas : potassium relieves water retention

 Melon : high-antioxidant that aids to excess fluids removal

 Papaya : papain enzyme aids protein digestion and helps break down food faster

 Pineapple : enzymes help break down food faster

 Avocado : regulate fluid balance

 Quinoa : boosts metabolism

 Oats : high fibre content provides your body with slow-release energy that carries you out through the day

 Brown rice : rich supply of energizing B vitamins which help burn calories faster and complex carbs that are rich in muscle-strengthening protein and vitamins

 Beans : full of slow-release energy and high protein content to keep your muscles toned

 Salmon : source of lean protein

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