Quick Tips for Organic Living

2 Dec 2014
Organic living is becoming more and more popular; everyone is going green. Some people even want to grown their own chemical free vegetables. Here are some quick HG tips for maintaining your vegetable garden.
garden plants kitchen herb diy caribbean
  • Make sure that you have good growing conditions for the healthiest plants. This means at least 6 hours of direct sun per day and healthy soil with lots of organic matter like compost.
  • Choose the plants that you want to grow. Bear in mind that some plants are more susceptible to diseases and problems than others. We recommend that you choose plants that are more disease resistant.
  • Fertilize your vegetables using prepackaged organic materials or well rotted animal manure. If your soil is healthy, then there is no need to fertilize.
  • Rotate the area that you plant your vegetables in annually; this will prevent diseases from building up. Also avoid planting same family plants in the same spot year on year.
  • Place a layer of mulch over the soil as it helps reduce weeds. Use mulch made from an organic material like cocoa hull.
  • Ensure that you remove weeds as soon as they appear.
  • Pick up dead and fallen foliage to prevent any spreading of diseases.
  • Deliver water directly to the roots of the plants and not to the leaves.
  • Space out your plants so that there is good air flow between the plants.

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