Who has dust mites in their home? Everyone!

14 Jan 2016
Dust mites feed on the dead cells that we and our pets are continually shedding and live in our mattresses, fabric upholstery and carpets that serve as repositories for their food supply.

Dust mites are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye and we don’t think about them, unless we are allergy sufferers. While dust mites do not bite or transmit any diseases, their droppings are a powerful allergen and will cause from mild to severe reactions, depending on the individual. Waking up in the morning with itchy eyes and stuffy sinuses or just find yourself itching all over when you sit on your fabric upholstered chair or sofa? Dust Mites!

All Green IPM offers a comprehensive dust mite service without the use of any commercial pesticide.

Step 1: High intensity UVC light is applied to the area being cleaned.

There are three bands within the ultra violet spectrum, UV A, B and C. It is the UVC, the shortest of the wavelengths that is used widely in industry to destroy microorganisms (sterilization) in water, air and various food products. Ultra-violet light kills cells because of the accumulation of DNA damage. A gene product, called p53, is one of the responsible parties for slowing the cell cycle and checking for damage. If the damage is fixable, p53 sends in the repair machinery. If the damage is too extensive, it directs the cell to apoptosis, or programmed cell death.

Step 2: Powerful vacuums with agitating brushes are employed to pull the dust mite droppings from deep down in the mattress/upholstery or carpet.

Step 3: A light spray of a hydrogen peroxide sanitizer is applied. Oxygen is Nature’s most powerful neutralizer, destroying all allergens/pathogens and odor causing organic compounds, so you are left with a clean fresh room.

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