The German cockroach and how to treat!!

16 Feb 2016
A common pest in kitchen cupboards and under bathroom vanities is the German cockroach, which has evolved over time to be a cohabitant with man.

This pest is not a true social insect like bees, ants and termites that live in structured colonies. However, they tend to congregate, attracted by one another’s pheromones, in the cracks and crevices near to an available food and moisture source. German roaches are usually unwittingly brought into the home or office in grocery or market bags and boxes or very commonly in drinks cases. 

The first step to controlling a German roach infestation is to clean as thoroughly and regularly as possible, eliminating all food residues. The use of a biological cleaner that neutralizes organic odors will destroy their scent and disrupt their behavior.  Next identify the cracks and crevices in which they are harboring and use a product like boric powder or diatomaceous earth in and around these areas, these work best the dryer the area. Bait stations is also a good control device but they must be renewed as recommended on the label and the use of aerosol insecticides will render them ineffective.

These tips are provided courtesy of All Green IPM, a Trinidadian termite control Company with over 25 years managing wood destroying organisms. If you liked this article please take a read of other articles by All Green IPM "dust mites in your home" and "put the pesticide aside and go natural".