18 Dec 2015
If you are concerned about the use of harsh pesticides in your home or work environment, call EcTerCon Ltd. today! They use natural products that we at Home and Garden Caribbean love to use ourselves!

Christmas is a time of many hassles and rushes. You’re painting, cleaning, hanging decorations, restocking and replenishing. However, it is during this hassle filled period that you notice things that you hadn’t noticed throughout the year; like the termite droppings at the back of your wooden hutch and all over the floor. The entire termite colony have been dining at an expensive restaurant at your good graces, for a whole year. Or when you finally go into the backyard shed to find the paint from last year to do some touch ups that you get the scare of your life to realize there’s an entire family of rodents living behind and under your stuff and a family of bats just hanging around over your head.

Christmas is coming up and the house needs to be painted but not until those rats are caught and the bats are evicted out of the shed are you dare stepping foot back in there to get the paint. So what do you do? You want to be certain that the job is done safely and that the kids and pets are not exposed to allot of pesticides.  Luckily, there is! EcTerCon and All Green IPM are registered trade marks of ETC Ltd. and offer a variety of eco-friendly services that get the job done without any hazard to the environment or your health.

EcTerCon & All Green IPM offer a variety of alternative solutions depending on the particular requirements; and being a local Trinidadian Pest Management Service Provider with over 25 years of experience in the industry, they guarantee results that are equal to or better than traditional toxic methods. Mandated to be the country’s first pesticide free service providers, in an industry defined primarily by the use of commercial pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management is a green alternative to the old methods of pest control, using the modification of environmental factors and the employment of physical and natural products to kill or repel the organism that by virtue of location and population level, may be posing a destructive or health hazard, in order return it to a safe and acceptable level.

For those pesky wood destroyers that have ravaged your furniture so ruthlessly, EcTerCon has a pressurized spot injection system that uses its boron (Borcure WP) wood preservative to destroy the termites in their galleries, coupled with the application of a 50,000 Volt (mini-arc). This system ensures a thorough kill and prevents any re-infestation in the same location. Another option by EcTerCon as an alternative to fumigations –which contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer –is heat treatment. Localized heat treatments can be applied to the infested spot with infrared lamps, as well as the heating of entire rooms that may have extensive dry wood termite or powderpost beetle infestation.

EcTerCon's sister brand All Green IPM offers a range of specialized non-toxic treatments utilizing food grade materials, heat, cold, UVC-light and botanical & enzymatic products for the control of pigeons, bats, bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitos, mold & mildew and much more.

So call ETC Ltd. at 728-1640 today! for a personalized evaluation and estimate tailored to your specific needs. Trinidad and Tobago's Natural choice for pest control. 

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