Outdoor Dining: Some things to consider when creating a Outdoor Dining Space.

26 Jul 2015
Sunny days, bright blue skies and nice warm temperatures will call you outdoors, why not go out and enjoy it, all while having a great meal. Here’s a guide to the important aspects of creating an outdoor dining space.
outdoor dining table with umbrella

Trinbagonians enjoy outside food like doubles and bake and shark however, that Sunday lunch of Lasagna, Baked chicken and Callaloo can be enjoyed outdoors as well. Consider the following when creating the ideal outdoor dining experience.

Be Inspired by Nature
oudoor table set

Be inspired by nature when choosing your colour scheme. Most people create their outdoor colour combination based on the colours already present in their surroundings. Nature gives you a lot of greens, browns and greys to work with. You may even get some oranges and reds present as well, which work to make your outdoor space more energetic. To mix nature into your outdoor colour arrangement, try purchasing rugs with green accents in it, or maybe even a table runner with some floral prints to compliment the flora in your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to use bold prints along with your nature inspired colours. Use leopard printed throw pillows on neutral wicker chairs or maybe bright aqua blue chairs and coral printed throws. Whatever colour scheme you choose, make sure the colours are free but still cozy and stimulating.  

Examine your Space
outdoor simple table and chairs

Examine your view and act accordingly. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view, outline it by making sure that all the seating in your outdoor dining area is placed in a direction where the view can be enjoyed by everyone seated.  Examine the shape of your outdoor space as well. You may have a very small exact space to work with, in this case purchase dining furniture that gives proper seating and table room, yet at the same time leaving walking room all around for comfort while entertaining. If you have tons of space to lay out your furniture etc. then take full advantage of it by purchasing larger furniture and even adding other amenities, such as an outdoor grill and bar. Examine your flooring. Ask yourself the question, which type of groundcover will best suit my needs? You can choose to go for a groundcover like turf grass or maybe a groundcover more like pea gravel which requires little to no upkeep.  Examine your shade options. Will you need artificial shade in the form of crank-deployed umbrella or maybe you already have enough shade trees present in your yard to give you natural shade. 

Be Outdoor Prepared
Outdoor wood furniture

Outdoor furniture needs special attention in order to look its best. After some time, your furniture will start looking aged, with mildew, mold, stains and even rust present.  However, if cared for the right way they can remain looking fresh for years to come. Most outdoor furniture will go through chemical treatment during the manufacturing process to protect them against the elements and increase durability. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to help out in the preservation process. If you have wicker furniture in your outdoor dining area, just like wood furniture, you should apply coats of clear varnish or paint ever so often to protect the exterior. Sunlight and wicker don’t go together, so cover your wicker furniture using furniture covers, if you intend on leaving it outside for more than a month. Metal furniture is usually finished with layers of clear varnish paint or durable powder coating to prevent rust. The most you will have to do for metal furniture is apply a coat of liquid or paste auto wax every few months. The fabric included in outdoor furniture is usually mold, mildew and fade resistant. However, it will require cleaning every now and again. Simply using cold water and bleach-free laundry soap clean your fabric, and then allow it to air dry. Lastly plastic furniture; this has to be the easiest outdoor furniture to upkeep. All plastic furniture requires is a wiping with a wet cloth to keep dust off, even soap is optional. 

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