Easy Storage Solutions

8 Jul 2014
Storage can become a bit of a problem over time. Belongings such as shoes, books, curtains and drapes tend to accumulate easily. Here are some storage solutions to your item overload problems.

There are some things that you just don't want to throw away, either because you will need them at another time or you want to remember them as long as you live. As time goes by and you accumulate more stuff, storing them can become an issue.

Here are some of the major storage problems you may encounter and their solutions:

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Purchasing shoes can be addictive for some, often you buy and buy then realize that you have absolutely no more space in your closet, don't panic there are many solutions that enable you to keep all the shoes you want without giving up any of your general living space.

Under Bed Storage: Yes, you can store your shoes under your bed. Now it's not as untidy as it sounds, you don't just take your shoes and throw them under your bed, pull down your bedding skirts and move on. No! Use Plastic, canvas or wooden containers, to store them neatly under your bed. Pack them into the containers and remember the key word here is "neatly", then push them under your bed. Use containers that glide smoothly or that have wheels, so that you can retrieve your shoes easily.

Use an Ottoman:  An ottoman is a great storage device and because of their built they fit almost invisibly into any corner or at the foot of your bed. They appear small but have tons of space on the inside. You can purchase an ottoman or you can build one yourself.

Baby Clothing and Toys

So if you have children and intend on having more, you may want to cut cost by saving their clothing and toys.

Value clothing and toys: Save only the clothing and toys that you truly want to keep as oppose to keeping every single item. Wash and dry all the clothing and toys, then check to see if any irremovable stains of unmendable tears or broken parts are present and if they are throw away what needs to be thrown away.

Purchase Storage Boxes: These boxes are very useful for long term storage of clothing and toys. They come in different sizes, are quite durable and prevent the clothing from fading. To pack your clothing it is advised that you roll them up tight. This method of packing can prevent deep creases on clothing and saves space as they can be stacked very closely together. Toys should be stored in soft storage boxes. These type of storage boxes are flexible and perfect for storing toys with odd shapes.

Where to Store

  • Utilize that extra space in your garage. Consider building some shelves that you can use to pack your boxes.
  • Utilize the space under your beds; the soft storage boxes containing the toys are best for this location as they are easily squeezed into small spaces.
Oh Christmas Trees

If you have an artificial Christmas tree you want to keep it from year to year, that's the reason you bought an artificial one in the first place, right? However, when you realize that you have no space for it, plus all the decorations that come along with it, you will feel like throwing it away after the jolly season has passed.

How to Store

Disassemble and Store: As hard as it is to reassemble an artificial Christmas tree, it is strongly suggested that you disassemble them before storing. By doing this you help the tree to retain it's original shape, style and luster.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag: This bag is specially made to store Christmas trees. It keeps dirt, dust and harmful insects off of your tree until you need it again. They are sturdy some have handles and even allow you to keep the tree assembled and store them upright.


Curtains and Drapes

We Trinbagonians love any opportunity to purchase new curtains and drapes. Christmas, Easter, Divali, Independence; seriously we love it! But eventually what we’re left with is curtain and drape overload, here's how you can store them so that they remain fresh and ready until you need them again.

How to Store:

  • Make sure that all your curtains and drapes are as clean as possible. Check them to make sure that there are no stains or wrinkles, as it would be quite hard to remove them when you take them out of storage.
  • They should be stored in a dark place, away from heat and moisture. Don't store in a place where the temperature fluctuates.
  • Try not to fold your curtains and drapes. Store by hanging them on a padded hanger, padded hangers are best, as metal and wooden hangers are not suitable. Padded hangers are best because they prevent snags thus protecting your curtains and drapes.
  • Check them annually to make sure there is no mildew present.

Books can add up pretty quickly especially if reading is your favourite pastime. Here's how to store your favourite collections.

How to Store:

  • Books should be stored in pest free and well ventilated places. Never attempt to store your books in plastic bags or plastic wrap thinking that the plastic will protect them.
  • Don't store books in places that are subject to temperature changes.
  • Choose cool places for storage as humid spots encourage mould growth and the dampness will surely damage your books.

Where to Store:

  • The best place to store books is on book shelves. So try building extra book shelves going all the way up your walls. This will be space well used.


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