DIY Garden Mushrooms

30 Jun 2015
Landscaping can be difficult and expensive, but here’s four (4) easy DIY steps that you and the kids can do to transform your garden into a quirky wonderland that adds character and colour to the outside of your home.

Landscaping. It’s probably the biggest factor to pay attention to as a homeowner or house hunter. The right landscape can make any house look THAT much more desirable to the buyer and add a certain je ne sais quoi to your property. There’s only one issue that can arise from a landscape job: you’ll be the most envied house in the neighbourhood.

But on a more serious note, while all of us would die for the perfect landscape, these things cost tons of money. There’s the labour cost to hire someone, then the risk of not liking their choice options when the job is done, and the potential risk of them not following instructions. So, to avoid any of those potential risks from happening to you, here’s a simple DIY landscaping project that’s fun, quick, quirky and loads cheaper. You can even get the kids involved and make it an at-home art project. And you won’t even have to wait for “the weekend” like your husband promised you 6 months ago that never came around!

This project is pretty simple – and as for the involvement of the kids’ sake – pretty safe too. There’s no involvement of drills or saws, hammer or nails. And there’s that extra plus that there’s no grave worry about them hurting themselves if you leave them unattended for any period of time…unless of course they decide to eat the paint. Then that’ll be bad. Very, very bad! So how about you just don’t leave them unattended at all?

What You Will Need:

Worries aside; these are all the stuff you’ll need to get for this fun Garden Mushrooms project:

  • Plant Pots and Plant Saucers of varying sizes (clay preferably)
  • Spray or Acrylic Paints (colours of your choice for the mushroom tops)  .
  • White Acrylic Craft Paint.
  • 1 1/2” Paint Brush.
  • Small Paintbrush.
  • Epoxy or Waterproof Outdoor Glue (optional).
Step 1

In an open space, paint the outside of the pots in white, and the underside of each of the saucers in a different colour. Apply as many coats as you’ll need to get full coverage and then let it dry for a few hours. 

Step 2

For the spots of the mushroom heads, dip the small round paintbrush in the white acrylic paint – coating it generously – and then dab it firmly onto the painted plant saucers, making a few randomly placed white spots. Repeat for all the plant saucers to get your mushroom tops. Let it dry completely.

Step 3

For assembly: place a saucer upside down (painted side up) on top of each of the upside down white painted plant pots. For stability, use epoxy or waterproof outdoor glue to stick and centre the saucers to the base of the pots.

Step 4

Find a good place to show off your DIY Garden Mushrooms where the neighbours can see and feel jealous. They’re lightweight and easily moveable to any part of your yard, too, just in case the jealousy gets too much.


And in those five easy steps, you’ve now created a fun and quirky garden that adds beautiful character to your home, and gives you a very Winnie the Pooh/Wonderland type finish. The kids will love it and it adds a great pop of colour to your garden.