Adjusting the Temperature on your Hot Water Tank

13 Oct 2014
You may think that you need a larger hot water tank because your hot water finishes so quickly. However, by simply turning up the heat on your hot water tank you can use less water, making your hot water stretch further.
What's needed
Small Coin or Flathead Screwdriver
10 minutes

Many people think that they need a bigger hot water tank because their hot water finishes so quickly however, by simply turning up the heat on their hot water tank they can use less water,

making their hot water stretch further. Problem solved! Here's how to adjust the temperature on your hot water tank:

Take Apart
opening hot water heater

Remove the cover with a small coin or a flathead screwdriver.

Be Gentle
showing insulation in hot water heater

You will see the insulation, carefully lift it to get to the adjuster behind it.

adjusting temperature on hot water heater

Using the small coin or the flathead screwdriver raise the temperature. Some hot water tanks carry two elements so you'll have to raise the two.

Just A Little Bit
open hot water heater showing temperatures

Remember to raise the temperature a little at a time to avoid accidents.

closing hot water heater

Replace the insulation, as well as the cover.

fastening cover on hot water heater

Screw back the cover using the small coin or the flathead screwdriver.