Turning Mason Jars into Outdoor Lights

21 Jul 2015
For an interesting form of brightening your outdoor spaces, turn mason jars into outdoor lighting.
mason jar lights 1

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jar
  • Socket
  • Plastic or metal ring that fits your socket
  • Nail
  • Pencil/Permanent Marker
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Flat-tipped screwdriver
  • Work Gloves
  • Pliers

You probably already use mason jars around your home for storing leftovers, holding flowers like a vase, storing your herbs and spices, maybe even soaking red mango; so you know they are a very versatile jar. But what you probably didn’t know is that they can be used to make fancy outdoor lighting, here’s how:

Choose the Mason Jar

Mason jars come in a wide variety of sizes, and the size you choose should depend on how large you want your lights to be. Now remember your mason jar needs to be able to accommodate a light bulb so choose very carefully. Most light bulbs fit into the quart-sized mason jars, which are the 32oz. However, you can choose to go larger if you want but one thing to make sure is that the light bulb is never resting against the mason jar or is even too close, as the issue of heat is very serious. You can use gallon jars (64oz) if you want to and you can even go bigger. If you go large remember to not overdo it, depending on where you want to place these lights, being that huge can look awkward.

Gather the materials & Get to Work

Now it’s time to work. Gather your materials, get a good spacious work surface, roll up your sleeves and begin. Use your pencil/permanent marker to trace the size of your socket on your jar lid. When you have your circle, proceed to punch holes all around it using your hammer and nail. Note that you can use any sharp object to poke the holes in your lid, a nail however makes neater holes along the circle. You will also need to poke additional holes to allow heat to escape, you absoloutely can’t forget to punch your additional holes, otherwise the jar will become too hot and it will be an absolute diseaster.

Take out the Center

When the holes are punched into your lid, the center will naturally become loose. You can then use your hammer and flat-tipped screwdriver to knockout the center.  You should use gloves to remove this part because it can be very sharp and you don’t want to cut your hands. If you are wearing gloves you can just rip out the center using your hands however, if you aren’t wearing gloves you should probably use a pair of scissors to cut it out. 

Insert the socket in the Lid

Fill the hole that you just made with the socket. It should be tight and grip for a perfect fit. Now there is always the possibility that your socket won’t fit through your hole, in this case use a pair of pliers to make the hole bigger. Simply take your pliers and bend the metal back where you need to get the socket to fit through, remember the lid doesn’t feel, so stretch the hole as much as you need.

Attach your Socket Ring & Light Bulb

Attach your socket ring onto your socket. What the ring does is hold the lid tightly to the socket. Once your hole matched your socket’s body really closely, just screw on your light bulb, then your jar and you’re good to go!Plug in your mason jar light wherever you wish and take pride in your handiwork. If you wish to make more than one mason jar light simply repeat the instructions. 

Home & Garden Caribbean Lifehack:
mason jar lights 2

Put a string of battery operated lights in a mason jar and voila!