Storage & Utility Space Ideas

21 Jul 2015
Tired of your storage/utility room looking dull, cluttered, and disorganised? Here’s a few pointers to brighten it up and make it feel just as comfortable and operational as any other room in the house.
Laundry room 1

One common misconception of many home owners is that a storage/utility room can look any ole how. And with good reason too; it’s just a room where you store your junk and maybe wash your clothes. No real reason to put any great design investments into it. Plus it’s not one of those rooms your guests are going to be dying to see when you invite them over, so why stress yourself out about it and waste your money to develop it, right?

We feel you.

But for those of you who can’t function in disorder, here’s a few ideas to develop your storage/utility rooms and turn it into a room you want to show off to your guests.


So you have tons of stuff to store; maybe you’re a hoarder, maybe you like to consider yourself sentimental and keep things from since your 30 year old son’s childhood, or maybe you’re just an avid collector of things and need somewhere to store them. Here’s an idea to make your storage a lot easier to manage and locate:

The first thing to any type of order in your storage/utility room would be organization. Having some wooden shelves (and cupboards) installed to house the iron, starch, hand towels, soaps, detergents, bleach, disinfectants, and other home cleaning agents is a good way to organize a set location for them and allows for more organized movement. Installing these shelves around your washer and dryer makes for a very finished and complete look and easy access for when time to do laundry.

Nb. So remember we spoke about not wanting to let go of some of your old furniture that you staunchly believe you will have use for down the road? Well this is that moment. Using your old TV space savers, wardrobes, or even bookshelves in your storage/utility rooms to serve the same purpose would also suffice.


Sticking clothes baskets in roll out cupboards/draws make for a chic finish and a lot of space saving, too. You can even place labels on the doors like “whites” and “colors” or “work” and “everyday” so doing the laundry becomes that much more organized.


And speaking off doing the laundry, having a sink installed in your utility room can add that touch of modernity to it. Time to get rid of that old concrete jouking board sink stationed outside in the back that you saw your grandmother use while growing up and install a proper stainless steel sink. It’s ok if there’s no ridges on it to scrub the clothes, that’s what the machine is for.


Adding a backsplash to the wall behind the sink and the washer and dryer adds a very modern and contemporary feel to the room as well


To finish, you could find some cute glass jars at your nearest home store and label them, then place quirky items in them; like loose change in the pockets of your clothes that you find when doing laundry, or clothes pins, powdered soap, lost and found socks, and even clothes buttons that have fallen off in the machine.


Top off the room with a fresh coat of paint, some nice functional light fixtures, some suiting artwork, and some proper flooring and you’ll be on like boiled corn! You won’t have to feel ashamed of your storage/utility room anymore.