Outdoor Lighting: Contemporary Style

26 Jul 2015
Is your outdoor lighting stuck a little outdated?It maybe the moment to introduce contemporary lighting styles.
outdoor garden lights 2

When you’re tired of seeing the same old white tiles on your bathroom floor or the cabinets in your kitchen look dull and worn out, you update them, right? But how often do you think about your outdoor lighting? The answer is probably, almost never. But just like the rest of your house, your outdoor lighting needs to be kept up to date as well. Investing in contemporary outdoor lighting is definitely not a waste of money, and if you have future plans to sell your home it can actually increase your house’s value. So if your home’s outdoor lighting is stuck in the 80’s bring it to the 21st century with some contemporary lighting styles. 

outdoor garden lights 3

An outdoor entertaining area it not just about the furniture and accessories but your outdoor lighting choices are very important as well. Many times people take outdoor lighting for granted however; outdoor lighting is an essential part of building a captivating and pleasant ambience outside.  

If you have a deck or patio in which you love to entertain guests, it should be just as welcoming as your living room or dining room, and lighting has a huge part to play in creating a warm, welcoming area. Try adding lanterns of many different shapes, sizes and styles. Lanterns are a popular form of contemporary outdoor lighting. You can choose to use lanterns that are electric that use bulbs/lamps or you can use candle lanterns, which are natural and quite visually appealing.

Contemporary outdoor lighting can also come in the form of outdoor fixtures that are attached to ceilings, walls and even placed directly onto landscapes. 

Wall Lights
outdoor wall lighting

Wall lights are definitely worth a try. They are underestimated but when installed they rise to the occasion for a dapper finish.  Wall lights come in a wide creative variety that can suit almost any exterior design. They also complement the architectural features of your home’s exterior and at the same time combines the indoors and outdoors, to make the most balanced and beautiful blend. You can place a wall light over an outdoor eating area in case you like holding late night dinner parties; in this way it will serve a double purpose of practicality, as well as aesthetic quality. 

Landscape Lighting
outdoor landscape showing outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting is not to be left out of the outdoor lighting equation. Contemporary landscape lighting can be lots of fun, especially if you have a large outdoor space to fill with light. Now not everyone is blessed with a large yard however, landscape lighting can be as impactful in small spaces as it can in large ones. Visually appealing, contemporary landscape lighting can come in the form of free standing outdoor floor lamps, solar powered lights (which are really popular now that everyone’s going green), pathway lights and large scale lamps that can also function as sculptures for decorating your landscape.