Have You Heard? Wallpaper is Making a Big Come Back!!

14 Nov 2015
Once a thing of the past…but like the man bun, wallpaper is now making a comeback, too, and it's nothing like what you remember seeing on your grandmother's walls!
wallpaper 2

Often times when you thinks of wallpaper, you think about those long July and August holidays at your Grandma’s house when Mom and Dad couldn’t afford to leave you home alone, so would send you there to spend the day. Although fun to be with all your other cousins who was at Grams’ for the holidays….you still could somehow remember that awful wallpaper she had up on the bedroom walls perfectly clear. And strangely enough, since then, it’s tainted you views of wallpaper to be outdated and sort of ugly.
But not anymore!
Fens of Marabella has changed the wallpaper game and have reintroduced the fad with some really great options to liven up a room.

Back in 70s and 80s, when bright floral patterns, pop-art designs, and nautical themes were all the rave, wallpapers were the “it” thing. But by the mid-90s to the 2000’s, wallpaper had been phased out of favour and instead newer generations of homeowners preferred to have stripped, bare walls – opting for a more minimalist look and going for paint. But basic paint seemed to somehow made the home devoid of any character…so in recent years, individuals would mix and match colours for contrast, thus beginning the accent-wall era.
But that, too, has done its time.
Now, once again, wallpaper has come back into vogue, and most popular trends include murals, mosaic, and especially individual textured pieces. Fens of Marabella is pushing the design envelope, offering designs with all sorts of tactile dimensions and great prints. And in fact, most of the wall coverings are made of anything but paper; all you have to do is peel and stick to apply. There’s no glue, no mess, no headaches, and no drying time. Think of it like huge, fun stickers to stamp all over your walls.
And if you don’t want to think of it like that, make the kids think of it like that, so they could enjoy decorating their own rooms with it, so you don’t have to!
Just kidding!
But the variety Fens of Marabella offers gives them the autonomy to be creative and fun, and design their own rooms…and as their style changes, so can their walls.

Though previously uncool, the trend is enjoying a renaissance in Trinidad, with Fens of Marabella promising a sure breakaway from the old-fashioned designs and patterns that once adorned the walls of your grandparent’s house, and lending more towards a contemporary finish.

So stop on by at Fens of Marabella to check out their selection, and let them serve you, and your future generations to come!

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