Get the Movie Theatre Experience in the Comfort of your own Home

9 Mar 2015
Streamline Systems Limited has partnered with CDGi (Cinema Design Group International) and Boca Theatre & Automation to provide Trinidad & Tobago with customised Turn-Key Multi-Media Rooms and Home Theatres and we are loving it! Here are some tips on building your own Home Theatre.

Do you love watching movies, cricket or football on a screen so big that you feel like you are actually there in the action?

What about sound?  Now we’re not talking about a little cube sound system…. but explosive action screens in movies that you can actually feel? We’re talking about Dolby Atmos Surround Sound so real that you find yourself looking up when a jet flies overhead during a movie!  And audio so clear that you can play your favorite Soca, Chutney or even Classical music the way it was recorded and meant to sound!

Well you too can have this experience in your own home, right here in Trinidad & Tobago!

Here are some tips on building your own Media Room from Streamline Systems Limited:


Size does matter… when it comes to viewing!

Here’s a link that can help you calculate the correct size of your Flat Screen TV or Projection Screen based on the size of your room.




Brightness over Pixels

Yes 4K does indeed give you bragging rights but its pretty useless without content, and unfortunately 4K content is still pretty limited at this time, up-scaled or not! So remember that when you buy a projector what you really want is a unit that is bright enough for your room.

If you have a lot of ambient light coming through; curtained windows that let streetlights or daylight in or a room and you don’t want to make the room pitch black just to watch a movie, then you are going to need lumens! Also if you want to watch 3D movies or play 3D games then you are really going to need a bright projector. Check out this guide on projectors

You will be much happier with a brighter 1080p projector than a dim 4K projector. 

Audio Equipment and Players


We recommend any receiver that presently support Dolby Atmos or offer you the firmware upgarde at a later date. Why not spend a little bit more for Dolby Atmos and have the best existing sound experience? The size of the receiver will be dependant more on the number of speakers and layout (for example 5.1.2 or 7.1.4)  than the size of the room.

Once your room is larger than 16' 6" or 5 meters then you may want to look at separate amplifers to which we recommend speaking to the professionals at Streamline Systems . 


DVD, Blu-ray or Download

DVD’s were great in the ’80 and ’90 but then again so were World Book Encyclopedias and Dial-up Internet!

If you’re still in your teens you can click on the links to find out what those were. 

Now if you want to watch 3D Movies on your big screen then you will want to consider buying a Blu-ray player as most content that can be downloaded is only 2D. 


As this is a short “tips article” and the topic of speakers could literally go on for years, we are going to give you some quick tips:

  • When testing speakers listen to the speakers at a volume level that you would normally listen to them, not cranked up all the way up so bass can be reproduced!
  • Don’t get sucked into buying famous brand name speakers that spend more on marketing than on the speaker quality without testing them against other brands and also look at the speaker quality as paper cones don't hold up well.
  • Check your Highs and Lows… are they really there? You might be surprised.
  • Remember no small 2” – 6” speaker will ever be able to reproduce bass properly. Buy a proper independently powered subwoofer.
  • Place your speakers in your room properly. Here’s a pretty good guide on SPEAKER PLACEMENT.

Home & Garden Caribbean knows we are going to have a ton of comments on this hot topic of speakers and we welcome all constructive ones.


A room’s acoustics can have a dramatic effect on power requirements (watts) and the reproduced sound quality. Proper speaker placement (surround sides and overhead) is very important, so we recommend reading as bit from Dolby on Placement.

Also as sound bounces off different surfaces it can create an “echo”. Simply installing some Acoustical Panels can sometime solve this common problem. You can also add some soft furnishings to your room to “deaden the room”.


Streamline Systems Limited

Streamline Systems Limited located in El Socorro, Trinidad,  have partnered with CDGi and Boca Theater & Automation to provide Trinidad & Tobago with a wide range of Turn-Key Multi-Media Rooms and Home Theatres custom tailored to your home and needs. So why not enjoy the big screen movies in the safety of your own home with your family and friends!