DIY Wind Chimes from Bottle Caps

10 Jul 2015
Wind chimes aren’t only beautiful but they have many practical functions. Here’s how to make your own wind chime using bottle caps.

What you’ll need:

  • 50-100  Bottle Caps
  • Fishing Line
  • Small Colander (Center Piece)  - Choose
  • Electric Drill (1/16 bit) or hammer and finishing nail
  • Cutting Pliers

Many people have wind chimes for decoration however they have many other uses. Wind chimes are calming because of the tinkling sound they make when the wind passes through, they can also be used as a form of entertainment for babies, if placed over cribs and some people even use wind chimes to monitor approaching windy weather. Place a wind chime at your doorway or on doorknobs and you can know when someone enters the room, whether invited or uninvited. You can make wind chimes yourself from a variety of materials including silverware, seashells, tin cans and even pencils. In this step-by-step we are going to show you how to make a wind chime using  bottle caps.

Get Bottle Caps

The number of caps you collect will depend on how large you want the wind chime to be. A small wind chime may take up to 50 caps however; if you choose to go on the larger side you may need 70 to 100 caps. Now that may sound impossible but if you are an ardent limer those  bottle caps add up in no time. However, if you are only able to collect up to 50 caps, that’s ok, as with wind chimes it’s not the size that matters, it’s the motion in the wind. When collecting, see if you can get different colours and even sizes of caps to make the wind chime even more interesting. 

Gather Materials

Gather your bottle caps, fishing line, pliers, electric drill or hammer, and colander. You should have a sturdy working space that is large enough to lay out all your tools and materials comfortably, while leaving enough space for you to work . Now that you have ensured all of this, you can roll up your sleeves and begin. 

Make Holes

Use the electric drill to make holes in your  bottle caps. Some people use a hammer with a finishing nail. While an electric drill may work best and it is much faster, the hammer is more than equal to the task. To place the holes, lay the bottle cap face down on your work area, and drill/hammer a hole near the edge of the cap on both sides. Be very careful to not hurt yourself while doing this, and it may be better if you get some assistance, at least for this part. 

Make Chains

Make the chains from the fishing line. Cut your lines using your cutting pliers in short lengths, you don’t have to measure all the lengths, just average. Cut a few of these pieces, as you will need them to join with the  bottle caps to form “links”. When you are done cutting it’s time to construct the “links” for your wind chime. You do this by hooking a length of the cut line through one side of the bottle cap’s hole. Use the flat nose pliers to tightly wrap the two ends around each other, leaving  a little extra out to attach the second bottle cap. Continue this process until you have reached the desired length you want for your wind chime.

Attach the Centrepiece

The colander is to be used as the centerpiece of your wind chime. The good thing about using a colander is that you don’t have to drill any holes to attach the wires of your “links” to the centerpiece itself. Simply push the wires through the colander’s holes and secure them by knotting. When you have attached all of the “links” that you made, you will need to create a loop. Using a lengthy piece of fishing line, create a loop from which your wind chime will hang. At the top center of the colander attach the line and secure it by fastening the ends with strong knots. It’s that simple, in five easy steps you just made a DIY  bottle cap wind chime. Now you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the wind blowing through your handmade wind chime!