Shades of White

7 Nov 2014
Some of us take for granted the fact that white does indeed come in different shades and that when selecting a new colour palette, choosing the right shade of white is the most important decision.

White as we know is a staple in any new palette. Almost every renovation will have white ceilings and trims. First off, always, I repeat, ALWAYS choose your wall colour and floor material first. Consider the type of lighting in the space, both natural and artificial.

White can go in two directions, cool or warm. Cool whites have undertones of grey, blue and even purple. Warm whites, have undertones of yellow, green, red. You want to be very cautious with white, do not for a second think that all whites are alike. In fact if you put your paint chips against a white sheet of printer paper you will more than likely begin seeing the undertones. Being able to pick up on undertones is not an easy thing for an untrained eye but this truly helps! If you are choosing a warm hue for the walls than I encourage you to choose a warm shade of white, something with a bit of yellow so it’s not a stark contrast against the walls. If you are heading in a cool colour direction then of course choose a cool white, with a blue undertone. This will create a nice clean and crisp white contrast.

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