Boring White Walls

7 Nov 2014
The Colour White has a bad rap of being considered BORING. In my opinion, this is nothing further from the truth.

White can be one of the most dramatic colours! There are many ways to use white in interesting ways to bring out its best qualities. Beige is actually more boring than white, at least that’s what I think. White is a wonderful base colour for a room, allowing you a strong contrasting look with really any colour in the spectrum.

White is often called “cold white”. For a warm and inviting look, use varying textures of white in your soft furnishings mixed with distressed wood and antiques. You can create a calm and warm space that is comfortable for family living. Avoid modern, clean edge furniture pieces if you are after the cozier look white can offer. White can have a very cozy appeal if you choose the right accessories and furniture pieces. A trade secret to using white furniture pieces is to choose outdoor fabrics that can be easily cleaned and are more forgiving than indoor fabrics. There is nothing worse than being in an all white room and feeling like you cannot enjoy it. The colour white offers décor flexibility like no other. With a simple swap of accent pillows, rugs or drapery you can create an entirely new space with white as your backdrop.