Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

14 Nov 2014
Here's a few ideas to move you Christmas tree decorations from redundant and boring to fresh and new. Follow these tips to get away from the norm.
close up of christmas tree decorations

Now you’ve chosen your Christmas tree and it’s time to decorate. It’s always so wonderful to go to the malls, visit homes or pass by windows and see beautiful Christmas trees all lit and decorated majestically. For many persons, decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition done with friends and family, sampling Christmas goodies while using ornaments passed down through the years or acquired for special occasions such as a new addition to the family. We at Home & Garden Caribbean want to share the following tips with you for decorating your Christmas tree this season.

  • Pick a colour scheme. Some people like the traditional reds and golds and some like the winter colours like white and silver. Depending on the colour that you choose, then you should choose the colour of your lights. Generally white goes with the winter colours and amber with the warm reds and golds.
  • Pick a theme if that interests you. This could be a Santa Claus theme, angels theme or any theme that you like. Now this is not a necessary requirement so if you don’t have or want to pick a theme, just skip this step.
  • Purchase your ribbons and ornaments and lights based on your theme. Or use the ones that you have collected through the years.
  • Put the lights on the tree first. You should place approximately 100 lights per foot of tree.  It is recommended that you start from the base of the tree and work your way up to the top and string the lights from the truck of the tree to its tips.
  • Hang ribbons and garlands on your tree. Start at the top of the tree and increase the amount of ribbon used as you get to the lower branches.  You can use a variety of ribbons. Thin garlands like beads or popcorn strings look better when hung from branch to branch and thicker, fancier garlands look best loosely wrapped around the tree.
  • Next, hang your ornaments. Place them evenly throughout the tree, ensuring that your favorite and sentimental ornaments get the most visible positions on the tree. Hang the larger ones first and then fill in the spaces with the other smaller sizes. Also remember to hang some closer to the trunk.
  • Finally, add any icicles or other like ornaments to finish decorating your tree!!

Enjoy your beautifully decorated tree throughout the Christmas season!!