Christmas Accent Pieces

19 Dec 2014
Try adding accent pieces this Christmas season. Accent pieces are essential for bringing together the entire Christmas theme. Have fun dressing your home with our accent piece ideas.
christmas accent decorations on table

Accent pieces are essential during the Christmas season, little pieces can make a huge difference in making an entire room feel warm and well Christmassy. Your house can feel pretty bland at Christmas time without a little extra, whether  it’s a Santa Clause figurine or an angel with a halo, some hanging ribbons or a Christmas themed glass plate hung from a wall. Here are some ideas for adding Christmas accent pieces that you won’t only enjoy making but will also make your décor look beautiful.

First you can make Santa hat pillows. This is a really fun DIY projectand it’s quite easy.All you need are Santa hats, polyester batting and a needle and thread. Stuff the Santa hat with the polyester batting. Stuff them according to the thickness you desire. If you like your pillows firm then stuff them to the max, if you prefer a softer more mushy pillow then stuff it a little less. Take the needle and thread and stitch closed the open end of the Santa hat.

Make sure to double stitch, so that the stuffing doesn’t fall out. You can use you Santa hat throw pillows on your living room couch, bedroom chairs or window seats. They can also be used on your bed, they may be too small for your head but it makes for good decoration and also to keep you warm. You can use this same process to make throw pillows out of Christmas stockings, these can be fun as well.

Another good Christmas accent piece is a table topper. Table toppers put a finishing touch to any Christmas table. You can make them yourself using an assortment of Christmas decorations, it makes for an easy DIY table topper project. All you need is a small to medium sized Christmas wreath and a candle that will fit perfectly in the center. This adds a natural and festive look to your Christmas table or even your living room coffee table.  Purchase a wreath at the store, or you can use an old wreath that you no longer want to hang up. You can also just purchase Christmas table toppers already made and tastefully place them on your tables.

Adding candles into drinking glasses is another Christmas accent plus. This is a simple and elegant touch to any home. Get your regular scented candles and use a heat resistant glass to place it into. Place them anywhere on your Christmas table or on any piece of flat furniture you feel needs decorating. Be careful when using candles as decoration as they can catch many surrounding materials like curtains, tablecloths etc. on fire. The last thing you want at Christmas time is to lose your home, so take safety precautions.

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