Choosing a Christmas Tree

11 Nov 2014
Don't get stressed out selecting a Christmas tree. Follow this guide to select a tree that's right for you.
christmas trees for sale in front store

Here in the Caribbean we mostly have artificial Christmas trees. When choosing an artificial Christmas tree there are three main things that should be considered in order to make the right purchase; height, branch type and material. Measure the height of the ceiling in the room where you will display your tree. You’ll want to choose a tree that is at least one foot shorter than the ceiling height and make sure that whatever height you get, add a little extra to accommodate the star or angel decoration for the top and also room around for maneuvering while you decorate.  Artificial Christmas trees come in a range of heights from 6-6 ½ feet, 7- 7 ½ feet, 9 feet, 10- 12 feet and 15-30 feet. The 7-7 ½ feet trees are the most popular for domestic use.

Artificial Christmas trees have two branch types; hinged branches and hook-in branches. Hinged branches consist of just a few parts; they have permanently affixed branches and are generally easier to set up. Hook-in branches are individually hooked into a specific spot on a central tree pole. They also take much more time to put together and cannot be pre-lit but they also tend to be less expensive, so if you don’t mind the assembly time it would hurt to save some money.

PVC or PE are the two materials from which artificial Christmas trees can be made. It is easy to tell the difference between the two, as the materials look different. PVC artificial trees have needles that are attached to the fake tree branches using wires. PE artificial trees are fabricated and the branch tips may also be sculpted, so both the needles and the branches look more closely to real Christmas trees.  Most people prefer these because who wouldn’t want the look of a real Christmas tree, without the maintenance that comes along with it.