Top 7 Carnival Energy Foods

7 Jan 2015
Endurance and Energy are the two E’s of Carnival and they are quite essential. You can build your E’s by exercising or by eating the right foods. Here are the top 7 Carnival energy foods.

Let's start with breakfast. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, and if you are going to be on the road playing Mas on Monday and Tuesday, you should start your morning with a healthy protein filled breakfast. Eat two eggs for breakfast, scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled, how you like it is really your choice. Eggs are a great choice for energy building, not only do they taste great but they also suppress hunger. 


During the festivities you can have small snacks to keep your energy up. Instead of munching on sweet snacks that have no nutritional value, try an apple. Apples fuel the body by providing vitamins, minerals and stabilizing blood sugar. Apples also contain fiber which makes you feel full and energized for longer. 


Granola can be bought loose or in the form of a bar, if you are going to be having it as an "on the road snack" the bar form will be more convenient. Granola bars contain protein which boosts energy levels. The rolled oats contained in granola are rich in fiber, low in fat and low-glycemic. Some granola bars also contain peanuts, almonds or fruit that work to provide more nutrients. 


Now to lunch, you should ideally have carbs for lunch in order to keep up energy levels. Potatoes are a great choice, whether boiled or baked; potatoes are a fat-free, carb filled food. They contain carbohydrates that are present in the form of starch. When you have your midday lunch break try ordering some potato dishes, you can mix it along with other foods but make sure you get your carbs.  

spinach leaves in bowl

Spinach doesn’t only work for Popeye, it can give you unbelievable energy also. The magnesium present in spinach enables you to keep going, have spinach for lunch along with other foods, for an energy-building plate. 


The body also needs iron to keep energy levels up. One food that is quite high in iron is meat, especially red meat. It provides the body with nutrients like zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins. These vitamins also make you feel more alert and focused making you aware of your surroundings, which you have to admit is a good thing at Carnival time. 


Oranges have natural energy boosting capability and they can also keep you feeling alive between meals. It contains natural sugar that help to boost your energy level and the vitamin C and fiber in it help with mental clarity. So have some oranges, either with breakfast or as a quick "on the road" snack. 


Staying hydrated is also important, read "Tips for Staying Hydrated this Carnival Season".