Preparing your Home for Carnival Guests

5 Jan 2015
Here’s how to give your guests an HG Caribbean Carnival welcome when they visit this year for the celebrations. Help your guests to feel right at home when they come to enjoy the greatest show on earth.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is the greatest show on earth, foreigners want to come to participate and even Trinbagonians who live abroad come back home especially for the celebrations. It doesn’t matter what the case is here’s how to give your guests an HG Caribbean Carnival welcome.

Clean Up
Crystal Cleaning for Guests.jpg

Go over every part of your house thoroughly cleaning the places you would usually neglect, you would be shocked at how much dust particles can build up in those places. If you have carpet and rugs, vacuum them and for vinyl and wood floors, sweep, mop and polish them. Disinfect all countertops and in bathrooms, use bleach to get out the stains. Scrub tiles using your choice of cleaner, to remove grime that tends to build up on the grout. 

Supply Space
Cleaning Closet.jpg

During the Carnival season your guests will be coming to partake in the many events and they will be bringing a lot of clothing. You want your guests to feel as at home as possible, you can do this by giving them space to lay out their possessions; there is something impersonal about living for weeks out of a suitcase, so give them space to lay out their clothing and other belongings. Clean out dressers and drawers and don’t forget to provide hangers. 

Little Extras

Add a little extra to your guests room. Carnival is a time when people sweat and get messy. Even if your guests may bring their own things, make sure that there are towels, soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens etc. When you are purchasing these make sure to keep it neutral by buying unscented as you may not know what their scent preferences are, or you can go very mild. 

Provide Maps
Provide Maps.jpg

This is especially necessary if your guests are foreigners. If your guests are returning home they may be familiar with the country but if they are foreigners then you will need to give them a guide to follow when they are moving about. Or if they are not already familiar, you should introduce them to digital maps such as google maps or waze. Along with this map you should also provide them a list of emergency contacts in case of, you guessed it, emergencies. 

Food and Drink

If you’re going to all–inclusive fetes they will be serving a number of local cuisines and many returning Trinbagonians love to have the taste of home again and some foreigners even enjoy the new cuisine.  However, the local cuisine doesn’t always agree with foreigners, so you should also provide food that your foreign guests are familiar with and are comfortable eating, just in case.  

Home & Garden Caribbean Lifehack: Don’t forget to pay your WASA bill. The last thing you want is your guests coming back to your house sticky and dirty from the celebrations, then go to take a shower and there is no water. 

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