Carnival Makeup Tips

9 Feb 2015
Here's how to keep your makeup looking top of the line during Carnival season. Use these tricks to make your makeup withstand the heat and the sweat, and also to make it more dramatic!
carnival makeup on table

W&S Proof:

Water & Sweat proof or as I like to call it W&S proof, is quite necessary during Carnival. If you don’t have proper makeup you could be a runny mess at the end of the celebrations. You would want makeup that stays on all day. Products that lasts are not always cheap but the investment is worth it, when the TV cameras pick you up on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday, sweating but with your makeup still intact!

Invest in waterproof eyeliner and mascara to avoid running and what they call “raccoon eyes”, also use waterproof lip-gloss so that your lips will glow all day long!

Bring on the Drama:

Carnival is all about drama, everything has to be a little extra. The costumes are over the top, the music is out of this world and your makeup has to be pretty extraordinary. Make this happen by adding gems, crystals, rhinestones or jewels to decorate your face. Use spirit gum to stick these to your skin; don’t ever use regular glue to do this, as it will for sure damage your skin very badly.

To bring a little more drama, add fake eyelashes, the longer the better. You can purchase fake eyelashes at any cosmetic store or even pharmacy and stick them on yourself. Finally, to bring the most drama of all, use colourful fake eyelashes. Choose colours that match and compliment your costume or outfit. Combined with other forms of bold and bright eye makeup you will be the most dramatic! Use an eyeshadow primer and base and you’re good to go.

The last thing you should do is spray your face with a good makeup fixing spray. This spray helps to keep everything in place, you have a number of fixing sprays to choose from, so purchase a good quality one.

Home & Garden Caribbean Lifehack: Always purchase makeup that contains SPF to help protect your skin from the sun. If you use regular makeup without SPF, apply some sunscreen on your face and neck beforehand.  If you choose to do this, let your sunscreen settle for about 10 minutes before you start applying your makeup.


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